Establishment of an integrated production system

Kobe Aero Network (KAN) consists of companies based in Kobe that have a track record of manufacturing aircraft parts and companies aiming to enter the aircraft industry.
We have established a one-stop integrated production system to meet the needs of our customers.

★Our integrated production system enables swift quotation and delivery.
Companies from all over Hyogo Prefecture gather together and utilize their strengths to procure materials, perform processing and inspection, and deliver finished products through the well-established network of the cluster.

★A single point of contact for each project
Depending on the project, we decide on a company to serve as the contact point for the transaction, and work with machining companies and special process companies to handle the various projects with different work sizes.

★All the companies aim to acquire new technology and capabilities along with JISQ9100 certificate.
Most of the member companies have acquired JISQ9100 certification. In addition, member companies are mutually audited within the cluster aiming to further improve the quality management system. We are also proud of our metal 3D modeling and processing technology for difficult-to-cut materials.


It is expected that the demand in the aircraft industry will continue to grow.
In Hyogo Prefecture, there was a foundation for manufacturing fighter aircrafts such as “Hien” and “Shiden Kai” even before the war.

Even today, there are many aircraft manufacturers in the industrial cluster of Kobe, Hyogo.
With a management system based on JISQ9100 and NADCAP, we deliver safe and stable products with excellence from Kobe.

Chairman Makoto Sakai


NAME (General Corporation) Kobe Machinery & Metal Industry Association
LOCATION Kobe City Promotion Center 5F
1-8-4 Higashikawasaki-cho Chuo-ku, Kobe, 650-0044 JAPAN
TEL +81-78-360-3260
FAX +81-78-360-1457
E-MAIL kan@kobekk.or.jp