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Original coaster with KAN technologies

Coater specification
⌀85mm t=4mm
KAN Coater

❶ Alminium:Cutting from jpeg images

  • 〈IMAGE〉
  • Image ProsessingCreate NC programs from jpeg images
  • Machining operation
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Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic: CFRP (specific gravity 1.5) is a material that has the same strength and rigidity as steel (specific gravity 7.9) and aluminum (specific gravity 2.7) while achieving remarkable weight reduction.

The combination of reinforcing fibers enables the material properties to be optimized for the strength/stiffness/thermal requirement specifications required for products and parts.
Sheet-shaped prepregs are laminated on the mold, so a three- dimensional shape with arbitrarily varied plate thickness can also be formed.
Since the molding pressure is relatively low and the mold cost is reduced, it is also ideal for trial manufacture and small-volume production.

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❸ About Vulcanization bonding.

Vulcanization is a chemical reaction caused by heating raw rubber mixed with sulfur. If the technology is called vulcanization adhesive bonding between the dissimilar materials is performed at the same time as the vulcanization of rubber, the bonding interface with excellent durability by using a special bonding agent interfacial reaction is formed. Takayama Ltd. adhesion technology boasts a competitive bonding technology.

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