Working Towards an Integrated Production System

Study sessions related to aircraft, factory inspections of affiliated companies, tours of Kagami Aerospace Science Museum and various other initiatives and activities are being undertaken to prepare building an integrated production system.

The downstream companies that are undergoing rapid grown in Japan are building a small and medium-sized company supply chain in order to lower costs and become more internationally competitive. Additionally, taking into consideration avoiding the risk in currency exchange rates, transportation costs, delivery deadlines, and stable maintenance of quality, focus is being placed on domestication of imported aircraft parts.

In order to cope with such demands, “Kobe Aircraft Cluster” is a gathering of 19 companies of Hyogo Prefecture bundling their strong points building an integrated production system for material procurement, processing and inspections, and delivery of finished goods within this cluster.


The demand for the aircraft industry will greatly expand in the future.
Before the war in Hyogo Prefecture, a base to manufacture such things as the “Hien” and “Shidenkai” (military aircraft).
Even now, there are many aircraft manufacturers in where industries are concentrated in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture.

(We) 19 small and medium-sized companies are passionately striving to leap even further forward through utilizing the technology cultivated over a long period of years by local small and medium-sized companies.
Ultimately through a number of processes, we are striving to obtain a large bulk order from aircraft manufacturers.
We will deliver peace of mind and stability from Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture with a body based on JISQ9100, NADCAP.

Chairman Masaru Onaga


NAME (General Corporation) Kobe Machinery & Metal Industry Association
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